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Australian Shepherds: About the Breed


Why an Aussie

Australian Shepherds are one of the most intelligent and versatile of all dogs. They can truly do it all. Aussie's are not just a traditional farm dog -- they have proven themselves in service, sport, search and rescue, therapy, as guide dogs and in show performance.

They are absolutely wonderful with children, loving with their family, keeping a protective eye but showing a relaxed temperament around strangers.
Aussies love working, but they also love having fun! They love the water. They are fit and happy going on walks, jogs or hikes. Aussies are naturals at playing frisbee, fetch or fly-ball.

There are 4 acceptable colors for Australian Shepherds: BLACK TRI or RED TRI and BLUE OR RED MERLE. All with or without white markings and /or copper points. Aussie's eyes can be brown, blue, amber or a combination, and some will have flecks and marbling.
The Australian Shepherd male standard is 20" to 23" at the shoulder, weighing 50-65lb.The female standard is 18" to 21", weighing 40-55lb. An Aussie's average life span is 12 to 16 years.

An Aussies coat is a medium texture and length. They require brushing a few times a week to remove dead coat and reduce their shedding, plus routine care (nails, ears...). Compared with other breeds, the Australian Shepherd is rather low maintenance in the grooming department. Especially if they are fed a raw or premium kibble diet. A healthy Aussie coat sheds dirt and does not require a great deal of maintenance.