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Cottage Farm Thunder Rose "Rosie"

  • Standard Black Tri Female
  • Two Blue Eyes
  • Sable points
  • Big Stockings
  • 20 inches
  • 50 lbs
  • Clear on all 10 breed specific genetic mutations
  • Panel testing performed by Paw Print Genetics

Rosie, and her sibling Rue, are the two amazing females that inspired us to start breeding quality Aussies with temperaments & confirmation to match. 

Rosie will truly go down as one of the most phenomenal mothers and mentors to the puppies she's raised thorough the years.  She has taught us so much about the early nurturing of puppies, which we have incorporated into our program and had allowed us to produce amazing dog in all disciplines of dog life.

Rosie retired with her new family in 2021. We are so blessed she is living her best life on a large estate with acreage and a private lake. It's tough to retire the great ones, but we are so happy and grateful for her retirement home.