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Unbridled Faith "Faith"

  • Standard Red Tri Female
  • Two Blue Eyes
  • Minimal White
  • Rich Copper points
  • 20 inches
  • 55 lbs
  • Clear on all 10 breed specific genetic mutations
  • Panel testing performed by Paw Print Genetics

Faith is an absolutely incredible dog.  She truly has it all and is just the right combination of sweet and spunk.  She is strong, loyal and fierce in the best possible ways.  Faith has a stunningly beautiful look and wonderful soft temperament, but the best thing about her is she is a mother extraordinaire. She loves being a mama and it shows with how much time she spends loving on and playing with her pups. She also loves her person and is the definition of a velcro dog, always by our sides and ready for a snuggle.  She is a sweet girl and so loveable.